Degree Requirements

30 Credit Hours

  • 12 Hours Required
  • 18 Hours Electives
  • Up to four prerequisite courses may be required
  • Up to six graduate transfer hours may be accepted

Required Courses

All students are required to take four core courses to establish a common baseline of knowledge and must be completed within the first 18 credit hours of graduate coursework with the exception of OMGT 56203 Strategic Management. These courses are listed in the table below. OMGT 50003 must be taken in the first term of operations management graduate study.

Students must earn a "B" grade or higher in required courses. If a student earns a "C" grade or lower, the course must be repeated as soon as possible as determined by program administration and can only be repeated once. Failure to earn a "B" grade or higher will result in dismissal from the program. Students must also earn a "C" grade or higher on each elective that is used to fulfill degree requirements.

Required Courses: View Course Descriptions 12 credit hours

Grade Point Average

A grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.85 (A=4.0), calculated only from University of Arkansas graduate courses in this curriculum, is required. Grade forgiveness does not apply.

All graduate courses will factor into the GPA calculation except approved transferred courses. Students may take up to six hours in addition to degree requirements (for a total of 36 credit hours in the MSOM program) in an effort to raise the GPA necessary to graduate. If a student does not attain a 2.85 GPA after 36 hours, no additional courses may be taken.

Comprehensive Exam

Satisfactory completion of the comprehensive examination is required prior to graduation. The exam can be scheduled after the successful completion of eight graduate level OMGT courses. Graduate transfer courses are not counted towards the completed courses.

The exam covers all completed graduate level OMGT courses and equivalent transfer courses. All required courses and undergraduate prerequisites must be completed by the time the comprehensive exam is taken.

Residence Credit

No physical residency is required. The MSOM Degree can be completed 100% online. Requirements include at least 24 credit hours are taken at the University of Arkansas (either online or at our four program sites), and up to six hours may be taken at other institutions.


Completion of the program, including transfer credits (if any), is required within six consecutive calendar years. A graduate application and graduation fee of $85 is required. All tuition and fees must be paid in full before a transcript or diploma will be issued.

Graduating students are encouraged to attend the College of Engineering Graduate Commencement, but are welcome to attend the All-University Commencement, or both, if they wish. Both last on average two hours.