Tuition & Aid

Tuition and Fees

  • No admissions application fee.
  • Tuition is $303.88 per credit hour. All courses offered by the program are three credit hours.
  • Distance Technology Fee for all online courses is $50 per credit hour or $150 per 3-hour course.
  • A three hour OMGT online course would be $1061.64
  • There are no out-of-state tuition or fees. After enrolling in your course (s), please pay your tuition and fees with a credit card or electronic check through your UAConnect account.
  • Fayetteville campus student only: Approximately $96 mandatory fee per class for live classes taken on campus
  • International students may be subject to additional fees, as set by the University.

Refund Schedule

The University of Arkansas Treasurer’s Office sets the dates for tuition/fee refunds in accordance with University of Arkansas policy. Since the Operations Management program uses a system of two 8-week sessions (known to you as terms) within the full semester, the refund policy can be very confusing. A full semester includes both 8-week sessions in fall or spring. If you are considering dropping a class in an 8-week session and/or withdrawing, we advise you to speak with the Treasurer’s Office to determine any refund you may or may not receive (479-575-5651). It is also important to note there is a difference between dropping a class and withdrawing, and the refund schedule is different for both; withdrawing refers to dropping ALL classes in a semester, not just an individual class or classes in an 8-week session.

The refund schedule is posted on the Office of the Registrar’s Academic Semester Calendar. You need to make sure you look at the 8-week schedule, and not the full semester schedule, since they are different dates (a full semester schedule being twice as long as an 8 week session schedule). Once again, we highly suggest you speak with the Treasurer’s Office to determine your refund. If you are considering dropping a class, please do so BEFORE the first day of any 8-week session to ensure a full refund.

Financial Aid

Connect with the Office of Financial Aid to find your financial aid counselor's contact information by selecting "Information" and "Contact Your Counselor" on the left-hand side of the page. Or visit our scholarships page to find assistance programs that are available to MS in Operations Management students.