Operations & Engineering Management nanoMOOC Video Series

Welcome to the nanoMOOC Video Series hosted by the Operations & Engineering Management Programs at the University of Arkansas. These videos are a brief introduction to topics discussed in our courses, including Data Analytics and Unmanned Aircraft Systems.


Meet Dr. Carrie Beam, Clinical Assistant Professor for the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Arkansas. Beam has taught such courses including Introduction to Operations Management, Intro to Decision Support Systems, Introduction to Analytics, Probability and Statistics, Lean Six Sigma, Maintenance and Reliability and Risk Management.

This video lays the foundation for the nanoMOOC video series and provides a brief introduction to Operations Management.

Cluster Analysis

How do politicians, executives and marketers define their target audiences? In this video we explore K-means clustering. This technique allows us to group a wide range of objects into similar clusters for analysis.

Predictive Evaluation

These days you hear a lot about predictive analytics. Given just a few bits of information, computers can make all sorts of predictions about you - everything from how you vote, how much you'll spend on a vacation, to whether you'll get a job after graduation. Dr. Beam explores how to determine if a prediction is valid.

Classification Trees

Classification trees are a predictive analytics technique to make predictions based on disparate information. Dr. Beam explores how it works.

Affinity Analysis

Have you ever added an an item to your online shopping cart and had seemingly unrelated items recommended for purchase, but the combination seems to make sense? Most likely, the company is using affinity analysis to make shopping recommendations.

Intro to UAS (Drones)

Join Dr. Rich Ham as we explore Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations. This material is from the course OMGT 5903, Operations Management of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, at the University of Arkansas.


UAS - Compliance Overview

Your drone selection comes dictates regulatory compliance you must meet. We will explore several ways to operate legally as a remote pilot.


UAS - Airspace

Airspace is a daunting subject, but with a few helpful hints we can make it pretty easy to understand. This video will help you understand the finer points of airspace.

UAS - Weather

We will explore weather and its role in decision making in UAS (drone) operations, in order to ensure safety in various types of weather.

UAS - Sectional Charts

This video helps you to understand the finer points of airspace and aeronautical maps.

UAS - Risk Management

We will explore mission planning and risk assessment methods for UAS operations. As you begin planning missions, this should help you make good decisions on whether to modify or scrub a plan to fly.

Engineering Managment - The Innovation Process

Invention feeds innovation. Innovation is a manageable business process that transforms invention into a commercially useful and valuable product. Instructor Matt Cilli explores how organizations are designed to facilitate innovation for success.