Letter from our Director

Faculty and Students,

Our nation, state, the University, and our Programs face significant challenges from this global pandemic.   We understand the stress you feel during this time and how the uncertainty affects your lives In this new “normal, we are all adapting to these challenges. 

Our team may not be physically on-campus, but like many of you, we are all working from home to maintain our current operations. Rest assured, we will deliver the same high-quality education and services. Ninety-two percent of our student enrollments are already online, and we have been providing distance education for over forty years We are ready to meet the new challenges and look forward to serving students with the same dedication.  If you call our phone number, we will pick up.  If you email one of our staff members, we will respond in a timely manner.   

You will continue to see the addition of video synchronous and asynchronous online courses I have often told our faculty, “we practice what we teach.”  What better time to demonstrate our resolve to that motto than for our faculty to help develop new skills for our students to meet our new challenges.    

We will increase our online services and marketing. Look for information on our Webinar series and new online marketing for our programs.  You can expect our updated courses to provide new models for Global Competition, Supply Chain, and HR that deal with the new challenges.  

In the meantime, I encourage you to review the University’s COVID-19 website that contains up-to-date campus response initiatives at https://health.uark.edu/coronavirus/index.php . 

As always, never hesitate to reach out to our staff with questions or request for assistance.