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Blackboard Tips

Blackboard Help Desk – 479-575-6804

  • Unable to log into Blackboard. Your password has most likely expired. Go to: and reset your password. (Make sure you establish a Security Question and Answer)
  • System Requirements. Please see the student handbook or the Blackboard software and support page for minimum system requirements
  • Use hard-wired internet. Wireless internet is very common, but not the most reliable. When taking an exam, submitting homework or participating in a Collaborate session, connect your laptop directly to the router or use a hard wired PC/Mac.
  • Netbooks. Netbooks are not recommended as they may not have the speed to handle exams.
  • Mobile Devices. iPads, Kindles, and other mobile devices are not supported for exams in Blackboard.

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Before you take an exam in Blackboard

Hardware Required

  • You should have access to a reliable computer with sound card and high speed internet connection to submit assignments, create products, participate in online activities, and view Internet resources
  • Your computer should have sufficient space and processor speeds required by any software used in the MSOM program (will vary depending on your software version and operating system).
  • Since you may be asked to create an audio or video presentation in a course, you must have a microphone (headset or free standing) that works with your computer. You may also use a webcam with a built-in microphone.
  • Webcam - external or built in

Care has been taken to ensure that the software that is used for this program does not require any out of the ordinary system set-ups. But, if your system does not meet the minimum requirements then it is your responsibility to maintain your system to meet the requirements so that you may participate in this program. Technical difficulties on your part will not excuse you from the timely completion of assignments. If you do experience technical difficulties please make sure that you refer to the Software & Support tab immediately so that proper assistance might be provided.

Software Required

  • Ensure you have the most up-to-date version of web browsers - Firefox or Chrome preferred
  • Word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, for creating documents
  • Spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel
  • Presentation program, such as Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Latest versions of software also required to view files: Java Adobe PDF reader, Adobe Flash player, and Apple Quick Time


Please read more information on eTextbooks on our Textbooks page.

Proctor U information & Tips:

All online classes will have online-proctored exams. Live and hybrid courses may also have online-proctored exams. ProctorU, an electronic exam proctoring service, provides proctoring for these exams.

We highly recommend testing your equipment before testing at To test fully, we suggest connecting to a live proctor from the computer that you will use during your exam.

For instructions on how to sign-up and take an exam with Proctor U, please see this helpful link for step-by-step instructions:

Note:  If you schedule your ProctorU exam within 72 hours you will be charged a $5 fee and if you schedule within 1 hour you will be charged $8.75.  This payment will be made when you go through the checkout process on the ProctorU website.  Payment can be made by credit or debit card.

If a student is disconnected from ProctorU for at least 15 minutes while taking an exam, the exam may be voided based on the program administration’s evaluation of the proctoring situation. If, during the exam, the student notices that they are not connected to ProctorU, the student shall immediately reconnect with ProctorU and shall continue taking the exam. If a student is unable to reconnect with the proctor, the student must exit the exam and call a Proctor U representative (855-772-8678).

Proctor U will document lost time on an exam, but the student shall also immediately notify the instructor of the situation.

Other Resources & Support

You can use this checklist to resolve problems accessing UARK applications such as UAConnect, webBASIS, Blackboard or the university web presence. If you can't resolve your problem using the following information, report the issue to the IT Help Desk at 479-575-2905.