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Registrar's Schedule of Classes

See what classes are available and locate the corresponding class numbers to help you choose courses and register in UAConnect.

Registrar's Academic Semester Calendar

The University of Arkansas Treasurer’s Office sets the dates for tuition/fee refunds in accordance with University of Arkansas policy. Since the Operations Management program uses a system of two 8-week sessions (known to you as terms) within the full semester, the refund policy can be very confusing. A full semester includes both 8-week sessions in fall or spring. If you are considering dropping a class in an 8-week session and/or withdrawing, we advise you to speak with the Treasurer’s Office to determine any refund you may or may not receive (479-575-5651). It is also important to note there is a difference between dropping a class and withdrawing, and the refund schedule is different for both; withdrawing refers to dropping ALL classes in a semester, not just an individual class or classes in an 8-week session.

The refund schedule is posted on the Registrar's website. You need to make sure you look at the 8-week schedule, and not the full semester schedule, since they are different dates (a full semester schedule being twice as long as an 8-week session schedule). Once again, we highly suggest you speak with the Treasurer's Office to determine your refund. If you are considering dropping a class, please do so BEFORE the first day of any 8-week session to ensure a full refund.

UAConnect Student Help Center

The Student Help Center has several useful tutorials to help students learn to navigate UAConnect. Among other things, you can find help on how to enroll, drop, swap, or withdraw from classes, how to apply for graduation, and how to request official and unofficial transcripts.

Syllabus Bank

The Syllabus Bank contains syllabuses for all courses.  Always refer to the latest published syllabus.

Library Resources for OMGT Students

This guide is intended to help you find the proper resources to assist you with your coursework. Whether you are a distance student taking online classes or a student on campus, this is your one stop shop for quality information.

Financial Aid

Use this link to connect with the Office of Financial Aid. You can find your financial aid counselor's contact information by selecting "Information" and "Contact Your Counselor" on the left-hand side of the page.


Graduation Checklist and other information from the Registrar's Office.