Transfer Credit

Up to six semester hours of graduate level credit in appropriate courses (courses equivalent to courses in our program) from an accredited graduate school may, upon approval of the Graduate Dean, be transferred to this degree program provided that

  • The course must have been a bona fide graduate level course, approved for graduate credit and taught by a member of the graduate faculty.
  • The student desiring to transfer graduate credit must have been enrolled as a graduate student in the graduate school at the institution offering the course.
  • The course must appear on an official transcript as graduate credit from the institution offering the course.
  • The course grade must be a “B” or “A.” (The student’s grade-point average is NOT to include grades on transfer courses.)
  • The course must have been taken within the time limit of the student’s program at the University of Arkansas. (Credit must be earned within 6 calendar years prior to your completion of the Operations Management degree program.)
  • Residence credit requirements are met.
  • Transfer credit will not be considered in the calculation of the grade-point average.

Transfer of credit must be requested in writing by the student. Such requests should be sent to the Program Director via the site coordinator. The request should include a course description and/or syllabus of the course to be transferred and the equivalent MSOM course.  The request MUST be filled out and signed by the student.  Students can sign the form digitally and email it to their site coordinator. 

Courses transferred into the program will be part of the oral comprehensive exam and questions will be asked on the subject matter of the course(s).

For more information please review the Graduate School’s list of criteria for acceptable transfer credit here under Transfer of Credit Regulations Established by the Graduate School for the Various Master’s Degrees, page 243.