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Required textbooks may be purchased new or used from other sources as well. If doing so, you must:

  • Be absolutely certain you are ordering the correct edition. The ISBN numbers for the correct edition of each text are shown in the chart below. Do NOT order "international" or "flexible" editions of the textbooks. These editions usually exclude sections, chapters, and/or chapter problems. Be certain you are ordering the textbook with the correct ISBN. Instructors will not support the use of editions other than the one listed for your course.
  • Allow time for delivery well in advance of class start date. Independent sellers of textbooks may not guarantee on-time delivery, and remaining without a textbook in accelerated classes for even a few days can cause students to fall significantly behind in their coursework. The required textbook for each course is a requirement for the course and must be in hand by the first day of class.
  • eTextbooks are a viable option if you are located where shipping takes an extraordinary amount of time. For open book exams, ProctorU (our online proctoring service) requires eTextbooks to be downloaded to the PC from which the exams are taken. At this time, ProctorU does not support iPads, Kindles, or any other eReader. Students must receive special permission from the ProctorU proctor to open up another browser for online access of an eTextbook. Textbooks are necessary to adequately prepare for the end of career comprehensive exam. It is important to ensure you have long-term access or can download the eTextbook for future use.
  • Course Number Course Title Required Textbook Info

    OMGT 4313

    Law and Ethics

    This course uses a Cengage e-pack.  Please purchase your material from a link provided in the course material.
    OMGT  4323  Industrial Cost Analysis

    Introduction to Management Accounting-With Access Package; Horngren, Charles, 16th ed, 2014 Prentice Hall

    ISBN 13: 9780133058789

    OMGT 4333

    Applied Statistics

    Applied Statistics in Business and Economics; Doane, David P., 5th ed, 2016 McGraw-Hill

    ISBN 13: 9780077837303

    OMGT 4853  Intro to Decision Support Tools




    OMGT 5003

    Introduction to Operations Management

    This course is part of the new University of Arkansas Inclusive Access Program. The required course materials wil lbe immediately accessible by the first day of semester at a reduced rate when you register for class. Refer to class syllabus.

    OMGT 5013

    Supply Chain Management for Operations Managers

    Supply Chain Management: Strategy,Planning, and Operation; Chopra, Sunil, 6th ed, 2016 Prentice-Hall

    ISBN 13: 9780133800203

    OMGT 5113

    Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management; Dessler, Gary 15th ed, 2017 Prentice-Hall

    ISBN 13: 9780134235455

    OMGT 5123

    Finance for Operations Managers

    Dr. Elizabeth Schott's course

    Foundations of Finance with MyFinanceLab; Keown, Arthur J. and Martin, John D. and Petty, J. William, 9th ed, 2017 Prentice-Hall

    **MyFinanceLab is required for this course. 

    ISBN-13: 9780134426815

    OMGT 5123

    Finance for Operations Manager

    All Other Instructors

    Foundations of Finance; Keown, Arthur J. and Martin, John D. and Petty, J. William, 9th ed, 2017 Prentice-Hall

    ISBN 13: 9780134083285

    OMGT 5133

    Operations Management in the Service Sector


    Services Marketing: Lovelock and Wirtz, 8th ed, 2016 World Scientific Publishing

    ISBN 13: 9781944659004

    OMGT 5143

    Strategic Issues in Human Resource Management

    Applied Human Resource Management: Strategic Issues and Experiential Exercises; York, 1st ed, 2009 Sage Publications

    ISBN 13: 9781412954921

    OMGT 5253

    Leadership Principles and Practices

    1. Ethics 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know; John C. Maxwell, Center Street Publishing.
      ISBN 9780446578097

    2. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership; John C. Maxwell, 1998 and 2007, Thomas Nelson Publishing.
      ISBN 13: 9780785288374

    3. Participant Guide for The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership(No ISBN but this guide can be purchased online from Amazon or John Maxell.)

    4. Lincoln on Leadership; Donald T. Phillips, 1992, Warner Books.
      ISBN 10: 0446394599

    5. Leadership: Theory and Practice; 8th ed. Peter G. Northouse, 2018, SAGE Publications, Inc.
      ISBN 13: 9781506362311

    NOTE: These books do not apply for Dr. White's section. Refer to the syllabus provided for required books.

    OMGT 5303

    Health Care Policies and Issues

    Basics of the U. S. Health Care System; 2nd ed,  Nancy J. Niles; Jones and Bartlett Learning

    ISBN: 9781284043761

    OMGT 5373

    Quality Management

    Handbook for Quality Management: A Complete Guide to Operational Excellence; Pyzdek & Keller, 2nd ed., 2013 McGraw-Hill

    ISBN 13: 9780071799249

    The A3 Thinker's Action Deck

    **Deck needs to be ordered through the site below.  Enter UARK20 to receive a 20% discount.


    OMGT 5403

    Industrial Safety and Health Administration

    Industrial Safety and Health Management; Asfahl, C. Ray, 7th ed, 2018 Prentice-Hall

    ISBN 13: 9780134630564

    OMGT 5423

    Operations Management and Global Competition

    International Business; Hill and Charles, 11th ed, 2017 McGraw-Hill

    ISBN 13: 9781259578113

    OMGT 5433

    Cost Estimation Models

    Cost Analysis and Estimating for Engineering and Management; Ostwald and McLaren, 2004 Prentice-Hall

    ISBN 13: 9780131421271

    OMGT 5443

    Decision Models

    Handbook of Decision Analysis; Parnell, G.,Bresnick, T., Tani, S., and Johnson, E. 2013 Wiley and Sons ISBN 13: 9781118173138

    OMGT 5463

    Economic Decision-Making

    Fundamentals of Engineering Economic Analysis; White, John A., Grasman, Kellie S., Case Kenneth E., LaScola Needy, Kim, Pratt, David B., 1st ed, Wiley Inc.

    ISBN 13: 9781118659687

    Students are required to purchase the WileyPlus resources that are associated with this textbook.

    This textbook and resource package can NOT be purchased through Amazon. It is recommend that students purchase this text and resource package through the University of Arkansas Bookstore

    OMGT 5473

    Lean Six Sigma

    Lean Six Sigma:  Process Improvement Tools and Techniques; Summers, 1st ed., 2011, Pearson

    ISBN 13: 9780135125106

    The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook:  An Implementation Guide for Process Improvement Teams; Neuman, 2001, McGraw-Hill

    ISBN 13: 9780071373142

    OMGT 5503

    Maintenance Management

    Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices; Ramesh Gulati, 2nd ed, 2013 Industrial Press

    ISBN 13: 9780831134341

    OMGT 5623

    Strategic Management

    Strategic Management: A Competitive Advantage Approach, Concepts and Cases; David, Fred R 16th ed, 2017 Prentice Hall

    ISBN 13: 9780134167848

    OMGT 5633

    Linkages among Technology, Economics and Societal Values

    2 Available Options:

    1. Downloadable IBooks Author Muli-touch electronic textbook for IPAD users: Loewer, O. J. (2012, Aug. 27). The Linkages among Technology, Economics and Societal Values Understanding Change, Sustainable Prosperity and the Emerging Chaos. Apple Publishing Group (1342 pages). https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/linkages-among-technology/id548532106?mt=13andls=1
      ISBN 13: 9781620508077

    2. A more limited downloadable pdf version of the text (without Apple IPad Multi-touch capabilities) is available via Blackboard at no cost to students

    OMGT 5673

    Principles of Operations Research  

    Introduction to Management Science; Anderson, David R. 13th ed, 2012 South Western Publishing

    ISBN 13: 9781111532222

    OMGT 5733

    Human Behavior Analysis

    Managing Behavior in Organizations; Greenberg, 6th ed, 2013 Prentice-Hall

    ISBN 13: 9780132729833

    OMGT 5783

    Project Management for Operations Managers

    Project Management: The Managerial Process with MS Project; Gray, Clifford and Larson Erik 7th ed, 2017 McGraw Hill

    ISBN 13: 9781259666094

    Active MSOM/MSE students can obtain free MS Project for Windows through this website: elms.engr.uark.edu

    Log in with your uark email ID (without the @uark.edu) and password--If you are not able to gain access, contact your site manager

    ***  Textbook is not available on the MBS web site.

    OMGT 5823

    Information Technology for Operations Managers

    Management Information Systems; James O'Brien 10th ed, 2011 McGraw-Hill

    ISBN 13: 9780073376813

    OMGT 5833

    Decision Support Application Development for Operations Management

    VBA for Modelers; S. Christian Albright, 4th ed, 2012 South-Western Publishing

    ISBN 13: 9781133190875

    **Text is not available on the MBS website.

    OMGT 5873

    Organizing for Change

    1. Managing Organizational Change, Palmer, 3rd ed., 2017,  McGraw Hill

    ISBN: 9780073530536

    2.  Who Moved My Cheese, 1998, Baker & Taylor
    ISBN-13: 9780091883768

    3.  Switch: When Change is Hard; Heath, 2010

    ISBN-13: 9780385528757

    OMGT 5793

    Risk Management

    Reliability Engineering and Risk Analysis: A Practical Guide, Modarres, 3rd ed., 2016, CRC Press

    OMGT 5983

    Advanced Project Management

    Project Management: The Managerial Process with MS Project, 7th ed., 2017 McGraw Hill

    ISBN 13: 9781259666094

    Student membership to the Project Management Institute (pmi.org) is required.

    NOTE: PMI membership affords the student access to the library of standards. The students will be using these resources as required reading.

    Active MSOM/MSE students can obtain free MS Project for Windows through this website: elms.engr.uark.edu

    Log in with your uark email ID (without the @uark.edu) and password--Please contact your site manager if you have any access issues.

    *** Textbook is not available on the MBS site.

    OMGT 5993

    Homeland Security for Operations Managers

    Introduction to Homeland Security, Bullock,Haddow  5th ed., 2016  Butterworth-Heinemann

    ISBN: 9780128020289

    Introduction To Homeland Security: Policy, Organization, and Administration. Oliver, Pap/Psc ed., 2014 Jones and Bartlett Learning

    ISBN: 9781284045833

    OMGT 5653

    Intro to Data Analytics

    Data Analytics with R, 2nd ed., Viswa Viswanathan, Infivista Inc, 2015

    ISBN 13: 9781941773024

    OMGT 5903

    Operations Management of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

    Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems, 2nd ed., Marshall, CRC Press, 2016    ISBN 9781482263930

    Remote Pilot eKit 

    **Must purchase from the link below, Aviation Supplies and Academics, Inc.  Remote Pilot eKit #UAS-EKIT



    OMGT 577V

    Special Problems

    Project-based course that is needed for a focus area.