To order textbooks from the University Bookstore go to https://shop.uofastore.com/t-textbookdisclaimer.aspx.

Required textbooks may be purchased new or used from other sources as well. If doing so, you must:

  • Be absolutely certain you are ordering the correct edition. The ISBN numbers for the correct edition of each text are shown in the chart below. Do NOT order "international" or "flexible" editions of the textbooks. These editions usually exclude sections, chapters, and/or chapter problems. Be certain you are ordering the textbook with the correct ISBN. Instructors will not support the use of editions other than the one listed for your course.
  • Allow time for delivery well in advance of class start date. Independent sellers of textbooks may not guarantee on-time delivery, and remaining without a textbook in accelerated classes for even a few days can cause students to fall significantly behind in their coursework. The required textbook for each course is a requirement for the course and must be in hand by the first day of class.
  • eTextbooks are a viable option if you are located where shipping takes an extraordinary amount of time. For open book exams, ProctorU (our online proctoring service) requires eTextbooks to be downloaded to the PC from which the exams are taken. At this time, ProctorU does not support iPads, Kindles, or any other eReader. Students must receive special permission from the ProctorU proctor to open up another browser for online access of an eTextbook. Textbooks are necessary to adequately prepare for the end of career comprehensive exam. It is important to ensure you have long-term access or can download the eTextbook for future use.