Some courses use a hardback textbook that you must order, and some courses use First Day textbooks which are e-books available in your Blackboard course.  Ensure you have your necessary book on the first day of class. 

How do I know if my class uses a First Day textbook?

Click this link, and enter your course information to find required materials for each class. If your course does not use First Day, you will order your textbooks directly from this site.

Textbook Policies & Tips:

  • Students are expected to have the textbook on the first day of class for each session.
  • For courses not using First Day, please plan time for delivery well in advance of the class start date.
  • ProctorU (our online proctoring service) requires eTextbooks to be downloaded to the PC from which open-book exams are taken. At this time, ProctorU does not support the use of iPads, Kindles, cell phones, or alternate devices during open-book exams.
  • • Textbooks are helpful to adequately prepare for the comprehensive exam at the end of the program. Please ensure you have long-term access to online Textbooks for future use. Click here to visit the bookstore customer care page with information about how to download and access First Day materials offline.

What is First Day (Previously Inclusive Access)?

First Day textbooks provide convenient, easy access to course materials at a discounted cost for students.

Materials are available in Blackboard (BB) on the first day of class for courses using First Day. Students are charged for the required materials through their account after enrolling in a course using First Day textbooks.

How do I access my First Day Materials?

If your class uses First Day textbooks, the materials will become available in blackboard on the first day of class. Remember, OMGT courses become available in BB approximately two days before the session begins, but First Day materials may not be available until the first day of class.

To Access Your Materials, first, make sure your web browser's popup blocker is turned off and cookies are enabled.

Log in to Blackboard and select your course. Next, find and click the "First Day Materials" link on the left-hand navigation menu. A new window will open, displaying your textbook, and you can click the green "Read Now" button to access your online textbook.

After you’ve accessed the First Day materials through BB, an account will automatically be created for you to access your First Day materials and bookstore account. You will receive an email from the bookstore with a link to change your password to finish setting up your account. For assistance in setting up your account or changing your password to access the Yuzu App, please contact bookstorecustomercare@bncollege.com.

How long can I keep the book?

You can download the book on up to 2 devices, and the duration of access after you finish the course varies by publisher. You can download the Yuzu® App from the iOS and Android app stores. Click here for more information on how to access your book offline.

What do I do if I run into trouble accessing my book in Blackboard?

Online support is available at this link, with helpful FAQs and tutorials. If you have trouble accessing your materials, contact the bookstore by phone: 1-844-9-EBOOKS (1-844-932-6657; or email: bookstorecustomercare@bncollege.com. You should also notify your instructor if you are unable to access your book.

What if I drop the course?

As long as you drop the course by the specified date, you can be refunded for the cost of the First Day content.

What if I don't want to participate in First Day or already purchased the book on my own?

Please be advised it is NOT recommended that you opt-out, as these materials are required for your course at a reduced First Day price. If you decide you don’t want to participate, you must opt-out of the First Day material through Blackboard, by the deadline, and you will be responsible for purchasing course materials on your own at the opt-out price.

Fall 2021 Opt-Out Deadlines:

8W1 deadline: September 6, 2021
8W2 deadline: October 27, 2021