Online Course Schedule


The table below is intended to provide a guide of OMGT ONLINE course rotations. Session dates, including enrollment and drop deadlines, are listed on the Academic Calendar. The schedule below is subject to change. This is a guide for unofficial planning purposes only. For the most up-to-date listing of classes, visit the Schedule of Classes, or search classes through UAConnect. 

Contact your Academic Advisor / Site Coordinator if you have questions about enrollment.

Course Fall 8-Week
Session 1
Fall 8-Week
Session 2
Spring 8-Week
Session 1
Spring 8-Week
Session 2
Summer Session
OMGT 4313 Law and Ethics (Undergraduate, prerequisite course) X  X X X X
OMGT 4323 Industrial Cost Analysis (Undergraduate, prerequisite course) X  X X X X
OMGT 4333 Applied Statistics (Undergraduate, prerequisite course) X    X   X
OMGT 4853 Decision Support Tools in Operations Management (Undergraduate, prerequisite course) X  X X X X
OMGT 5003 Introduction to Operations Management X X X X X
OMGT 5013 Supply Chain Management for Operations Managers X  X X X X
OMGT 5113 Human Resource Management X    X   X
OMGT 5123 Finance for Operations Managers X  X X X X
OMGT 5133 Operations Management in the Service Sector  
OMGT 5143 Strategic Issues in HR Management    X   X  
OMGT 5253 Leadership Principles X   X X X X
OMGT 5303 Healthcare Policy and Issues X   X    
OMGT 5373 Quality Management X X X X  
OMGT 5403 Industrial Safety and Health X    X   X
OMGT 5423 Operations Management and Global Competition X  X X X X
OMGT 5433 Cost Estimation Models    X   X X
OMGT 5443 Decision Models X  X X X X
OMGT 5463 Economic Decision-Making X  X X X X
OMGT 5473 Lean Six Sigma X  X X X X
OMGT 5493 Advanced Lean Six Sigma   X   X X
OMGT 5503 Maintenance Management X    X    
OMGT 5623 Strategic Management X X X X
OMGT 5633 Linkages Among Technology, Econ, Societal Values X  X X X  
OMGT 5653 Intro to Analytics X      X X
OMGT 5673 Principles of Operations Research        X  
OMGT 5693 Analytics and Visulaization for OM   X   X  
OMGT 5733 Human Behavior Analysis           
OMGT 5783 Project Management X X X X X
OMGT 5793 Risk Management    X   X  
OMGT 5833 Decision Support Development       X  
OMGT 5873 Organizing for Change X  X X X X
OMGT 5903 Operations Management of Unmanned Aircraft Systems X     X X
OMGT 5913 Advanced Air Mobility Autonomous Operations         X
OMGT 5933 Cybersecurity for Operations Managers   X   X  
OMGT 5943 Resilient Design & Crisis Mgmt for OM X     X  
OMGT 5983 Advanced Project Management X  X X X X
OMGT 5993 Homeland Security
X   X
EMGT 5033 Intro to Engineering Mgmt X   X   X
EMGT 5053 Trade-Off Analytics   X   X  
EMGT 5603 Systems Thinking - Systems Engineering   X   X  
EMGT 5703 Probability & Statistics X   X    
EMGT 5793 Risk Management   X   X  
Section Guide:

113 - Fayetteville (On Campus)
911 - Little Rock, AR
912 - Millington, TN
915 - Hurlburt, FL
996 - Student Home (Video Synchronous; Class attendance required)
9X6 - 100% Online class with no meetings; other than 996

Section Definitions:

Online Video Synchronous (Sec 996, Student Home) - Online course with video synchronous class meetings; Students must login at the designated day / time to attend scheduled online class meetings. A webcam & microphone are required. **Students pay online course fees for 996 sections

Live / Video Synchronous (Section 911, 912, or 915) - Live course taught by an OMGT instructor at another campus, with class meetings delivered via video to multiple classrooms at additional OMGT campus locations. Students are required to attend every class meeting at the same campus site location in which they enrolled, for the duration of the session. A laptop might be required. Fees are same as regular 911, 912, or 915 sections

Asynchronous (Section 9X6) - 100% Online course with NO meeting pattern. **Students pay online course fees